JJ Watt’s Wife Social Media Activity Shows She Is Pushing Him To Sign With The Chicago Bears (PICS)

I believe the saying goes: “Happy wife, happy life.”

As soon as JJ Watt had announced that he asked and was granted his release by the Houston Texans, there has been an outpouring of players jumping on social media to entice him to play with their squad.

Watt’s wife, Kealia Ohai, might have the best shot at swaying his decision as a pair of ‘liked’ tweets show she wants him to sign with the Chicago Bears.

It’s not hard to see why she wants that to happen as the Houston Dash traded forward Kealia Ohai to the Chicago Red Stars back in January 2020.

Her very presence in the city might be more than enough to get Watt to take his talents to the midwest.

Internally, it would be very hard for him to do that since he grew up in Wisconsin and an avid Green Bay Packers fan.