Social Media Reacts To Chad Johnson Saying All Men Ultimately Pay For Sex Whether They Realize It or Not (TWEETS)

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

If you’re on Twitter and do not follow Chad Johnson, then you are simply missing out. The former NFL WR is one of the best follows on the social media app and he proved it again this week.

It all started when Johnson said, “Every day I sit back & think if I had Bezos type money I’d own the Dolphins & resign myself.”

One guy responded with, And here I am sitting and wondering what I would do with @ochocinco money!”

Johnson then went on to list a number of things that he spends his money on, which included sex.

“Target-H&M-Starbucks-Cigars-McDonald’s-Urban Outfitters-Zara-Sex”

Twitter user, who was confused by the sex part said, “You buy sex?”

That’s when Johnson dropped knowledge on him saying that all men are paying for it directly or indirectly.

“Nothing in life is free, you’re paying indirectly in some way, shape or form.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted: