Deion Sanders Speaks Out After Stolen Personal Belongings Were Returned To Him (TWEETS)

Deion sanders has had quite the day.

He not only coahced his first game ever, but won 53-0 over Edward Waters and got splashed by gatorade by his players. However, the good times turned sour after he revealed that his personal items had been stolen out of the locker room during the game.

“How do you think it feels, coming back, teary eyed – the guys just presented me with the game ball, one of the best moments that I’ve ever had in my career – and you notice you don’t have a phone to call your momma, your girl, your kids, because it’s been stolen,” Sanders said.

“When I had to talk about quality and raising the standards, that goes for everyone, man,” Sanders continued. “Not just the people on the field, not just the coaches, not just the teachers, not just the faculty… So, how do you think I feel, coming back after just teary-eyed because the guys presented me with the game ball. One of the best moments I’ve ever had in my professional sports career, emotionally. And then you go into your locker room, your coach’s office to digress, and you notice you don’t even have a phone to call your momma, to call your girl, to call your kids, because it’s been stolen.

“We’re going to find out who did it,” Sanders concluded.

Less than an hour after the news, a Jackson State spokesman reportedly told reporters that the items were “misplaced” and had been found.

Sanders would soon take to Twitter and claim that someone was lying about the situation.

“Whomever putting out the lie that my belongings wasn’t stolen is LYING. My belongings were taken out of a zipped bag in my office and more items were taken as well from my office. We have retrieved them since being reported. My Staff member witnessed the crime,” he tweeted.

“It was stolen because a staff member walked in on the theft being committed but she couldn’t fight a dude off,” Sanders added on Sunday night.