Jemele Hill Says Disrespectful Teen Would’ve Gotten Hands Put On Him For Disrespecting Cam Newton (TWEET)

While hosting a football camp, Cam Newton got into an argument with an attendee who decided to blast him about being a free agent among other things.

The video begins with the young player repeatedly yelling “you a free agent” to Newton to which the quarterback responded with “I’m rich.”

“You about to be poor,” the young player said in response.

Among the many people who have since responded to the video was Jemele Hill. She says she would’ve handled the situation with violence if it were her.

“Honestly, Cam handled that pretty well. Somebody else might have introduced that young man to Sir Left and Sir Right. Don’t know if it’s generational, but I come from a place and time where you don’t address grown folks like that.”

New England Patriots star Cam Newton has since addressed the verbal altercation with a young heckler at a seven-on-seven tournament that has since gone viral.

Newton subsequently wrote on Instagram he “wanted to have a man to man conversation” with his father and referenced his previous work with youth football players:

The 31-year-old finished his first season with the Patriots where he threw for 2,657 yards and eight touchdowns along with 10 interceptions in his 15 games played. The Patriots finished 7-9 and missed the playoffs.