Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Reacts To ‘Hateful, Jealous Women’ Tearing Down Brittany Matthews On Social Media (TWEET)

Brittany Matthews revealed her pretty maternity photos on Instagram with fiance Patrick Mahomes, but things quickly turned sour in the comment section.

Hours later, Brittany was calling out critics of her gown she chose to wear.

Responding to one user who said that her dress choice didn’t make her look skinny, she wrote on her Instagram Story: “well ladies, not trying to look ‘skinny’ in my maternity pics, I’m very pregnant and not here to try and make myself not look pregnant…”

A supporter of her took to Twitter and posted, “I will foreverrrrrrr have @brittanylynne8 back when hateful, jealous women feel the need to put others down instead of lift them up. Keep slaying, queen.”

Patrick Mahomes’ mom saw that comment and reacted to it:

When the topic of her son being bullied came up:

As we already know now, Brittany has since given birth to the couple’s first child.