Emmitt Smith Reacts Negatively To Kid Trash-Talking Cam Newton: ‘The Amount of Disrespect’ (TWEET)

Jseth Owens, who mocked Casm Newton for being a “free agent” and “poor,” has since released a statement to apologize for his actions, but that does not mean he is free from being blasted for his actions.

The entire video rubbed so many people the wrong way and that includes Dez Bryant, who said that Newton “should have sent his ass home.”

Hall of fame running back Emmitt Smith wasn’t too thrilled with the video either.

“What happened to respecting your elders,” Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith wrote on Twitter, in response to Bryant’s tweet. “I give Cam credit for keeping his cool with young fella. However, the amount of disrespect is at a all-time high and yes it does start at home.”

After Ownes was blasted throughout social media, Cam Newton took to Instagram and explained that he wanted to have a conversation with his father, rather than trying to go back-and-forth with a kid.

“What you didn’t see,” Cam wrote on Instagram. “I see there a lot of things festering out there that I see have took place over the weekend… To the natural eye you see me asking the young man ‘Where is your dad at?’ But to me, talking to a child with everyone looking does me no good! So instead of speaking or going back and forth with a child, I wanted to have a man to man conversation with his father!”