Vanessa Bryant Reacts To Kyrie Irving Wanting The NBA To Change Logo To Kobe (PIC)

When Kobe Bryant suddenly passed away in January 2020, the grief came from every corner on Earth and it led to countless petitions from people asking the NBA to change Jerry West on the logo for Kobe Bryant.

But it wasn’t just fans who wanted the NBA to honor Bryant this way. That was shown on Wednesday when Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving took to Instagram and added his voice to the chorus asking the league to change its logo to the likeness of his longtime mentor:

Kobe’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, said “love this” in response to Kyrie’s post:

Despite the endorsement, the league changing the logo will likely never happen since it has never acknowledged West as being the logo to begin with.

Even if the league were to change it to Kobe, what would stop them from changing it again when Michael Jordan, the greatest player in league history, ultimately takes his last breath.

Basically, the logo will never change.