MMA Fighter Suspect Says Punching Oklahoma WR In Restroom Brawl & Sending Him To Surgery Was ‘Legally Justified’

The man who was seen on video punching and slamming Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Spencer Jones in a violent bar brawl earlier this month claims he was simply acting in self-defense, insisting his actions were “legally justified,” according to TMZ Sports.

Walker Brown is claiming before footage started recording, he was the one who got attacked first at the bar on February 13th.

Via the TMZ Report:

“Brown, through his attorney, Steve Stice, says Jones and his friends were the aggressors in the situation … and had roughed him up prior to the violent affair on the bathroom floor.

“There is more to the story than what is depicted in the video,” Stice said this week. “What is not shown is the original assault and battery suffered by Mr. Brown at the hands of Mr. Jones and his friend shortly before the captured footage.”

“As can be seen, my client’s nose and clothing were bloodied prior to the beginning of the video. Mr. Brown was legally justified in defending himself in this matter.”

In fact, Stice says Brown was actually seriously injured in the melee … claiming Brown suffered a torn biceps tendon that will require surgery as well as bruises and lacerations.”

Jones has since had surgery to repair eye damage he suffered in the fight.

Jones’ attorney, Woodrow “Woody” Glass, maintains that his client was not the aggressor.

Glass added “it would be safe to say” a civil lawsuit is coming.