NFL Insider Details Blockbuster Dak Prescott-Russell Wilson QB Swap Amid Swirling Rumors

Amid rampant talks of Deshaun Watson wanting out of Houston, we have now been bombarded with talks of Russell Wilson possibly getting out of Seattle.

The Dallas Cowboys already have a big decision to make with Dak Prescott, but then they got thrown into the discussions about Russell Wilson after they were named as a potential destination for him if he were to get traded.

Wilson’s $37 million cap hit next season is similar to what the Cowboys face if they use the franchise tag on Prescott for a second season. On top of that, he also under contract for the next three seasons.

During a recent episode of the Seahawks Man 2 Man podcast — The Athletic’s Michael-Shawn Dugar went into detail as to why the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks should swap quarterbacks.

“The more I’ve talked myself into that, like which team says no to that?” Dugar asked. “The Seahawks should do it. You get a younger, not as good quarterback, but, shoot, one who wants to be there at least. …For Dak to have to do that, he’d have to sign the tag.

So, he’d have to sign it knowing he’s going to Seattle. So, yeah you get a guy who wants to be here [Seattle]. He’s younger and pretty good. Dak’s probably like a top-seven guy with the potential to be higher because like I say, he’s only in year five, maybe? Five or six. I can buy that.”

“If you’re Dallas, of course, you’d take Russell Wilson,” Dugar continued. “Then, if you’re Russ, you’re in a big media market. You’re the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. There’s really nothing more marketable than that particular job. So, you have that and you got weapons. I don’t know how good their o-line is. It’s kind of fallen apart in recent years. I know it was bad last year. …They’ve just got the juice, the clout, whatever.

Like, it’s the Cowboys. That one makes some sense for every party involved, I think. For Dallas, the Seahawks and Russell and the other quarterback [Prescott] that they would be getting. Again, I don’t think that one is very likely either, but I see Russ in another jersey in 2022. I can’t guarantee it, of course.”

Despite all the hoopla on social media, both franchises have remained committed to bringing their quarterbacks back for the upcoming season and beyond. As we all know, things can change fairly quickly in this league.