NFL TV Deals: Thursday Night Football Reportedly Headed To Amazon Prime, ABC To Join Super Bowl Rotation

New TV deals have yet to be announced by the NFL and its TV partners, but according to the Sports Business Journal, the deals are locked and loaded.

CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC are all retaining their existing packages. CBS, Fox, and NBC will each reportedly pay around $2 billion per year for their package. ESPN will pay an estimated value between $2.4 billion and $2.6 billion, but will be lower than the near 100% increases the other networks are dishing out.

“Disney and the NFL have reached a broad agreement on a new media rights deal that will see ESPN renew “MNF” and ABC return to the Super Bowl rotation for the first time since ‘06, according to sources. Contracts still have not been signed, but the two sides have smoothed over enough differences that a deal is very close at hand.

Sources said Disney is expected to pay an increase of up to 30% from its current deal, which based on an average of $2B per year would equate to around $2.6B. An agreement comes after news leaked last week of a stalemate between the two sides, which initially were so far apart in price that some ESPNers questioned whether to cut a deal.”

The biggest change will be with Thursday Night Football, which will move from Fox to Amazon Prime and NFL Network. It is unclear what Amazon would be paying.

However, the NFL is denying the above report: