Oliver Luck Says Vince McMahon Fired Him From XFL for ‘Sinister Purpose’

The court battle between Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon is a long way from being handled. The former XFL commissioner is now claiming that the ex-XFL owner and current WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon fired him for “sinister” reasons, according to a law filing in Connecticut federal district court.

According to Michael McCann of Sportico:

“McMahon violated his duty of good faith … to ensure that Alpha did not manufacture spurious or dishonest grounds on which to terminate Mr. Luck for the sinister purpose of avoiding payment of all compensation to which he was entitled upon a termination without cause.”

Luck was fired on April 9, three days before the league filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The XFL reboot started really strong last February, but no one could forsee a global pandemic coming and the league would be forced to suspend play before calling off the season entirely following five weeks of action.

McMahon and Alpha claim they fired Luck “for cause,” citing three reasons.

“Last Friday, attorneys for Alpha told Judge Victor Bolden that Luck had made unauthorized emails containing sensitive XFL information to his brother-in-law and NFL agent, William Wilson. Currently the CEO and secretary general of U.S. Soccer, Wilson had co-led the football division at Wasserman Media Group. Alpha also contends that Luck misused his company iPhone and failed to a release a player, Antonio Callaway, who had a ‘bad reputation’ in violation of XFL policies.”

Luck is looking for a $23.8 million judgment to recoup the remaining monies owed.

He also said that McMahon “made a personal and binding guarantee” he would get his money.