Patrick Mahomes Reacts To ESPN’s Putrid Ranking of His College Career (TWEET)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Bill Connelly is a marked man on social media after he recently released his ranking of the top college quarterbacks of the new millennium.

The ESPN analyst is being blasted for where he ranked Patrick Mahomes as quarterback at Texas Tech.

Connelly ranked Mahomes No. 54 in his all-time ranking. It should be noted that Mahomes had a 12-13 record as a starter for the Red Raiders.

“Even by the standards of the typical air-raid quarterback, Mahomes was asked to do a lot,” Connelly wrote. “He threw 44 passes per game as a sophomore in 2015, then 49 per game as a junior, and despite his being, you know, Patrick Dang Mahomes, Tech went only 12-13 in that span.””

Mahomes got wind of the ranking and reacted to it on social media:

“Man I couldn’t even make top 50” Mahomes wrote.

In three seasons at Texas Tech, Mahomes completed 63.5-percent of his passes for 11,252 yards and 93 touchdowns in 32 total games.

The Red Raiders went 16-21 with just one bowl appearance during his three years at the school.

None of those numbers stopped the Chiefs from changing their franchise forever by drafting Mahomes No. 10 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. We’d like to think that it has worked out as Mahomes has won an MVP, delivered two Super Bowl appearances and won one of them.