Social Media Reacts To Jose Canseco Calling His Model Daughter ‘Poop’ As Her Nickname; Josie Responds (TWEETS)

Jose Canseco sure knows how to get people talking about him.

The former MLB slugger recently went viral on Twitter after showing love to his model daughter, but all anyway could focus on was her weird nickname.

“Poop” was her nickname. That bit of inofrmation got so many responses that eventually Josie had to respond.

“when I was 8 I pooped my pants in my dads car bc I had 6 root beer floats true story”

Here’s how social media reacted:

It’s good to see that both fatehr and daughter are talking this month as Josie Canseco stated in January that she had cut her father off for his ‘embarrassing’ Twitter feud with Logan Paul.

“My dad’s been going on a f–king rampage on Twitter calling out Logan, calling out Jake [Paul], just being so selfishly embarrassing,” she said in a lengthy rant to friend and fellow model Charlotte D’Alessio on the “Between Good and Evil” podcast. “Normally if a dad wanted to start a ‘fake Twitter beef’ or whatever, he’d be like, ‘Hey, do you mind if I call out your boyfriend and call him weak and this and that for attention?’

“I have no idea [if he’s joking]. He’s blocked right now, to be completely honest. We haven’t spoken. … When it comes back to character and integrity, I don’t f–k with those selfish moves. He’s just embarrassing. ‘What are you doing, Father? Dad, help. Explain to me, please. Why are you being this way?’ I went off. I ripped him a new a–hole. He’s like, ‘I’m a grown man, you won’t tell me what I can and cannot say.’”

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