REPORT: One NFL Team Might Trade “Entire” Draft For Deshaun Watson

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Deshaun Watson is still on the roster for the Houston Texans, but that odes not mean he might remain there for the remainder of the year.

ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler decided to share about potential offers that he has been hearing and it led to him saying one GM expects an NFL team to throw its “entire” draft at the Texans for Watson.

“I don’t expect free agency to move anything here,” Fowler said. “Speaking to several people around the league, it’s more the NFL Draft in late April that could move the Texans. I spoke to one GM that said he expects the team to throw its entire draft or two entire drafts at Houston in the late hours of the draft saying ‘here, you can have it all if I can have your quarterback.’ Perhaps that will finally move the Texans to do something.”

Throwing all of your draft picks at the Texans might seem great for the team, but one look at their recent history, and you’ll see they are just as terrible at drafting as they are with handling current players on the team.

The most shocking part about their terrible draft history is that the team has only missed the postseason 4 times since 2010.

If the team is truly seriously about not trading Watson, then we should expect nothing to happen before the draft or during it, which would signal they fully expect him to be on the field in 2021.