Vanessa Bryant Wants To Publicly Name Sheriff’s Deputies Accused of Sharing Kobe Helicopter Crash Photos (PIC)

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Vanessa Bryant wants the entire public to be able to know the names of the four Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who her lawyers allege shared “unauthorized” photos of the site of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, Kobe Bryant, their daughter and seven others.

County lawyers are arguing that the names should remain hidden, arguing that releasing them would make the deputies’ addresses and other personal information readily available to hackers and anybody else who would try and target them.

Vanessa Bryant said redacting the names creates a double standard.

“They want their names to be exempt from the public,” Vanessa Bryant posted on her Instagram account Saturday, referring to about the department’s desire to redact the names of deputies who took or shared photos of the victims. “Anyone else facing these allegations would be unprotected, named and released to the public.”

She added, “Not all law enforcement is bad. These specific deputies need to be held accountable for their actions, just like everyone else.”

The sheriff’s department acknowledged that first responders had taken and shared photos of the victims’ remains at the crash site in the wake of the January 26th crash.

Vanessa has since sued the sheriff’s department over the photos. The lawsuit also points to one of the deputies using the photos in an attempt to impress a woman at a bar and that the bartender overheard the conversations and filed a written complaint with the department.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva ordered all photos to be destroyed after finding out what happened.