Terry Bradshaw Strangely Used ‘Tom Brady’ Name As Alias For Elbow Surgery 38 Years Ago

Who knows how this story stay under wraps for so long until now.

The Twitter account Quirky Research made social media go nuts on Wednesday after they tweeted out an article of then-Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw needing offseason elbow surgery, but he did not want people to know.

He didn’t check into Doctor’s Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana under his own name, and instead used the alias “Tom Brady.”

Bradshaw had zero clue that there was a six-year-old California boy with the same name that would go on to win seven Super Bowls and counting. Bradshaw was simply trying to avoid fans.

“Many times, we have to admit people under an assumed name or under no name to keep the press and the fans away,” Charles Boyd, a hospital administrator, was quoted as saying at the time.

Bradshaw, who wasn’t even quoted in the story, has since verified it.

“Tom Brady! How lucky am I?” Bradshaw told Ed Bouchette of TheAthletic.com. “There’s no question he and I are linked at the hip — same initials, same number. I had hair back then. I was a sex symbol. I had it all going then.”

Bradshaw was coming off a season where he had 1,768 passing yards and led the league with 17 passing touchdowns.