Danica Patrick Posts Cryptic Message On Relationships Following Aaron Rodgers’ Engagement

Danica Patrick was in a relationship with Aaron Rodgers for some two years and there were actually talks of them possibly getting married. Then, it suddenly ended in 2020 without warning.

Just as it ended, rumors surfaced that the Green Bay Packers QB was dating actress Shailene Woodley. He would then drop a bombshell about him getting engaged during the NFL Honors. Woodley confirmed her engagement to Rodgers during a late-night show appearance last month.

Patrick shared a telling message on her Instagram page this week as she spoke on her previous relationships.

The former NASCAR star urged her followers to “stop looking for a religious structure or person or home or a job or a city or a partner to make you feel better.”

Patrick added: “Simply because it won’t work! I have tried! I would love to see temples here and now to cultivate our ability to build our inner temples. And to remember our magical abilities (supernatural power over natural forces). Us humans have been playing small for a while … and if you don’t believe me, go to Egypt.”

“Temples. I thought a lot about this word when I was in Egypt,” she wrote. “What kept coming through in all of my thoughts, meditations, and in my innate knowing…. the word is an analogy. For our inner temple. There are a million simple sayings and ideas to prove why YOUR inner temple in so important.

“You don’t see things as they are, you see them as you are,” she continued. “Your relationships are mirrors. We can’t receive what we don’t believe. (I made that up right now but I am sure I’m not the first.) We see all of life through our own personal lens.”

A source recently stated that Danica is focusing on herself and letting the “past be the past” when it comes to Aaron’s new love life.

“[Danica] was in love. She wanted to start a family,” the source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She wanted to get married. That didn’t happen. She has grieved about it, but Danica is a tremendously tough woman, and dealing with Aaron is not a part of her future, so she has decided to avoid thinking about him. She is letting the past be the past.”

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