REPORT: Russell Wilson Tension With The Seahawks “Worse” Than Previously Thought (VIDEO)

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Russell Wilson is expected to play football with the Seattle Seahawks in 2021, but that doesn’t mean both sides are happy about what has been going on this offseason.

Wilson wants the freedom he sees from other quarterbacks around the league by having a say in personnel, decisions on offense, as well as better play from his offensive line that limits how many hits he is taking.

If a trade were to happen, his agent has reportedly leaked out several teams that he would gladly take his services to: Bears, Raiders, Cowboys and Saints.

According to NFL Network’s Mike Silver, the saga between the two sides is actually worse than previously thought.

“I think the situation is worse than I previously believed,” Silver said on Wednesday. “If the Seahawks are not at least having conversations about the possibility of a Russell Wilson trade right now, they’re committing malpractice.

“When your agent comes out publicly and says ‘I would play for one of these four teams,’ and your client has a no-trade clause, you’re not doing that if you strictly want to stay,” he added.

Silver added that the Seahawks aren’t thrilled either.

“The Seahawks are not happy with the way this has gone down since the end of the season,” Silver added. “I believe that they will listen to offers from any of those four teams… I think Pete Carroll regards himself as a problem solver and will try to figure out a way to patch this up, but unless things get a lot better, even if he does come back, think about what’s on the line in a very tough division this upcoming season.”

The fan base is just hoping both sides can hash things out and fight for another Super Bowl victory.