Brand New Details Emerge On Tiger Woods’ Condition Immediately After Car Accident

We are now getting shocking new details on Tiger Woods’ condition soon after he crashed his SUV last month.

According to the man who found Tiger after the accident, Woods was unconscious as a result of the crash.

“A man found Tiger Woods unconscious in a mangled SUV after the golf star crashed the vehicle in Southern California, authorities said in court documents obtained Friday,” ESPN reported on Friday afternoon.

More details provided from ESPN:

“The man, who lives near the site in Rolling Hills Estates, heard the crash and walked to the SUV, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Johann Schloegl wrote in an affidavit.

The man told deputies that Woods would not respond to his questions.”

Another report from USA Today revealed that the golf legend reportedly had no memory of driving that morning of the accident.

Carlos Gonzalez was the first officer on the scene and noted that Woods was able to speak to him and answer basic questions. There is a chance Woods was knocked out before he got there and eventually came to.

Woods suffered non-life threatening injuries, but did have multiple fractures in his right leg and ankle.