70-Year Old Woman Accused Former NFL RB Derrius Guice Of Sexual Harassment While At LSU

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Derrius Guice has not been brought up since being cut from Washington after charges of domestic violence were levied against him. That changed this week.

A new report has surfaced documenting a 70-year-old’s woman accusation that Guice sexually harassed her at a high school championship game in the New Orleans Superdome.

This particular incident occurred in December of 2017 before the Citrus Bowl, which was Guice’s final LSU game.

Via Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated::

“At 3:30 pm she was sitting on a chair at her post when Derrius Guice and several other men approached her. He began saying that he ‘likes older women’ and asked if she would have sex with him. She was shocked and told him that was not funny. He continued to gesture at his private area and grab himself in front of her saying that ‘older women are my thing’ and that they could just ‘go off and do it’ somewhere. She told him that she is a grandmother and 70 years old and that he shouldn’t talk to people that way. The other men began to laugh. She tried to tell him how disgusting it was that he would treat her that way but he kept talking about sex as he got into an elevator and left.

“She reported to her supervisor and that person called the Coach at LSU. He said that Derrius was probably just kidding around and that Derrius came from a broken home. She said that she did not care and that he should be punished for his behavior. She said that he did it with such ease that she felt like he had done this before. The coach asked what she wanted, ‘an apology?’ She told him that she wanted Derrius to sit out from a game — the bowl game. He dismissed her and no one has returned her call or done anything.”

Nothing happened to Guice, who went on to rush for 98 yards and caught two touchdowns in a Citrus Bowl loss to Notre Dame weeks later.