Kai Kara-France KOs Opponent, Celebrates Win, Then Runs Over To Try & Punch Him Again (VIDEO)

Kiwi flyweight contender Kai Kara-France had a spectacular victory on saturday, but it also led to some confusion.

Kara-France completed a walk-off knockout over Rogeio Bontorin in Las Vegas. The fight ended bizarrely with Kara-France walking off following the knockout blow but the referee Herb Dean didn’t call the fight as being as over.

That led to Kai running back over to finish his opponent until Dean grabbed him and waved off the fight. Bontorin was so upset that he threw his mouthguard at Kara-France, but missed.

“I knew it was over,” Kara-France said post-fight. “The connection was full impact and I knew it was just going to get even worse if I jumped on him.”