Seattle Seahawks Inexplicably Left Russell Wilson Out of Letter To Season Ticket Holders About 2021 Season (PIC)

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

There have been non-stop rumors about Russell Wilson’s future with the Seattle Seahawks, and they only got louder with one letter that did not mention his name anywhere.

The Seahawks mailed out a letter to season ticket holders, where it was essentially welcoming fans back and looking towards the future of the franchise.

The biggest issue noticed is that the starting QB Russell Wilson wasn’t even mentioned in it.

The lack of Wilson’s name in the letter is likely indicative of absolutely nothing, but when trade rumors are swirling, it can mean just about everything for QB starved teams.

A few weeks ago, it was noted that Wilson had four destinations he would like to be traded to, even though he has not demanded a trade: Bears, Cowboys, Raiders, and Saints.

Well, the Cowboys just signed Dak Prescott to a huge 4-year deal, so that seems unlikely now.

That leaves the Bears, Saints, and Raiders on his radar should things get worse between the both sides.