Texans Insider Floats Possible Blockbuster Kyler Murray-Deshaun Watson QB Swap

A hypothetical Deshaun Watson is making waves today and it involves an up and coming QB in the league.

Houston Chronicle writer John McClain published a column suggesting the Houston Texans should not only trade Deshaun Watson, but do so by approaching the Arizona Cardinals about a blockbuster deal for their QB.

“It’s a move that instantly would make sense for the Texans and Watson,” writes Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. “Houston would replace one franchise quarterback with another, and Watson would be reunited with DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt, on a team that had twice the wins as the Texans in 2020. The Cardinals. however, would have to be willing to embrace Watson (and his contract) in place of Murray, the first overall pick in 2019 who has shown flashes of superstardom.”

CBS Sports’ Dan Schneier spoke about the idea as well.

Kyler is a good QB, but he is no Deshaun Watson. With any potential deal the Texans get, a young QB would almost have to be sent back to replace Deshaun Watson.

The only obstacle standing in the way is the Texans willingness to trade Watson.