Idiot Fan Fires His Gun At Florida MMA Event After Massive Brawl Breaks Out (VIDEO)

A wild brawl erupted at an MMA event in Florida that saw fans tossing chairs and trading punches, and that wasn’t even the craziest part of the melee. During the massive brawl, a guy decided to pull out his weapon and fire it into the air.

It all went down following the main event at Saturday’s RIZE Fighting Championship in Lake Worth, where hundreds of fans were on hand to see a bantamweight title match between Alexis Fernandez and Filipe Valentim.

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Armando Gonzalez, president of RIZE Fighting Championship, told WPBF he was upset that the “scary” incident marred the event.

“For an event that went so well to end like that, it’s kind of frustrating,” Gonzales told the station. “Hopefully the authorities will take that man into custody.”

“For 20 seconds, everything’s going back and forth, it was intense,” co-owner Darren Cummings said. “For us, I’m not so sure we are going to allow these events anymore in our parking lot. We will stick to what we do, which is more live music.”

TMZ Sports says the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. Paramedics treated several people who had minor injuries in the brawl, according to the report.