Chris Simms Says Zach Wilson Has More Talent Than Trevor Lawrence, Jags Taking Him To ‘Sell Tickets’

Trevor Lawrence has been viewed as the top quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft basically since he burst upon the scene.

Not everybody is so high on Lawrence. In fact, one sports personality would take another QB over him.

NBC Sports’ Chris Simms thinks the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking at the fact that Lawrence is from Georgia and starred in Clemson, which already makes him a legend in the Southeast.

He claims the Jags are taking Lawrence because it will help them sell a lot more tickets.

“(Lawrence) is from Georgia. That is right up the road from Jacksonville,” Simms said during a recent appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, per the New York Post. “He of course went to South Carolina, Clemson there. He is a God-like figure, as far as football is concerned. He is going to sell tickets. He is going to be everything they want.

He continues:

“I like Trevor Lawrence,” Simms said. “But the thing that jumped out to me more, there was more missed throws and inaccurate throws on the film than I thought I was going to see. Not to say that there are still not a lot of damn good ones, but I think that to me was the difference.


“My big thing is, go with Zach Wilson. If you really want me to go make that sell or pitch, I would go, ‘Zach Wilson can run any offense. He is ready right now and I think he has less questions about his game than a Trevor Lawrence.’ That is where I would really sell you.

“I think his high-end talent is greater than Trevor Lawrence.”

Trevor Lawrence recorded 10,098 passing yards and 90 touchdowns across three seasons at Clemson.

In three seasons at BYU, Wilson passed for 7,652 yards with 56 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.