College B-Ball Announcer Suddenly Gets Attacked By Guy In Downtown Indianapolis

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

A college basketball announcer found himself under attack in downtown Indianapolis.

Mike Parker, a veteran play-by-play announcer for the Oregon State men’s basketball team, was reportedly tackled down too the ground just hours before the team’s Sweet 16 game on Saturday.

Parker stated he was simply walking along the downtown’s Canal Walk when he got approached by an unknown man. The guy seemed interested in his bag, which Parker said was his work bag.

“Do you have a bomb in that bag?” the man reportedly asked.

After walking away, the man ran after him and tackled him.

Oregon Live had more details:

“Suddenly, the man ran after Parker and tackled him. Parker said his shoe came off, his Beavers polo shirt was ripped, he had some abrasions on his right elbow, and he almost fell into the water.

There were many people in the area, including Indianapolis police who were riding the area on bicycles. They came to Parker’s aid and talked to him. Parker told the officer he did not want to press charges, and walked back to his hotel. He did not know what happened to the man from there.”

Oregon State made him feel much better when they defeated Loyola Chicago in the Sweet 16.

They will now face the Houston Cougars in the Elite Eight.