Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Delivers Blunt Message To Charles Barkley Over His Disloyalty During NCAA Tournament (VIDEO)

Charles Barkley is an Auburn guy who attended the school from 1981 to 1984. The NBA hall of famer averaged double figures in each of his three seasons at Auburn, most notably a career-best 15.1 points per game as a junior in the 1983-84 season. He averaged 14.1 points per game for his career.

Him being an Auburn guy has people shocked that he would be picking the Alabama Crimson Tide in the NCAA Tournament. It was even notiuced by The Rock.

At the end of a promo ad for his new movie Black Adam before the Alabama-UCLA game, “The Rock” teased Sir Charles for his disloyalty to his alma mater.

“There is nothing I can do for an Auburn guy who picks Alabama to go to the Final Four,” he said to Barkley.

It should be noted that Barkley was born and raised in Leeds, Alabama, which is about an hour away from where the Crimson Tide basketball and football team play.

Even still, he is an Auburn guy.