ESPN’s Maria Taylor Gets Roasted For Taking Issue Over Baylor Men’s Graphic Seemingly Dissing Women’s Team (TWEETS)

Maria Taylor shouldv’e left this one in the drafts.

Following Baylor’s win over Arkansas on Monday, SportsCenter tweeted out a graphic that said the Baylor Bears were making their first trip to the Final Four since 1950.

That was a fact, but somehow Taylor made it an issue.

The ESPN personality took to Twitter and decided to be outraged by it by bringing up that the Baylor women had won a title in 2019. That would make sense if the graphic didn’t already state ‘2021 Men’s NCAA Tournament’ on it, which clearly is talking about the men’s side of basketball.

“Baylor Men’s*….because the women won the title in 2019”

Twitter rightfully roasted her in the replies:

There are a ton of things you can be outraged by these days, but this was a strange one.