Scary Moment Happens After Official Bert Smith Collapses During Elite Eight Game (VIDEO)

This was frightening.

College basketball official Bert Smith collapsed early in the first half of Tuesday night’s Elite Eight game between USC and Gonzaga.

This was Smith just a play before he collapsed:

“Training staffs from both teams are out there right now and I’m assuming there are doctors in that vicinity,” broadcaster Kevin Harlan said on the broadcast. “The down official is Bert Smith. He was not hit, he was not involved in the play. He was off to the side, in the corner and collapsed. And so we have had the stoppage of play with 15:44 to go here in Indianapolis. We will step aside again as they continue to look at the downed official here in the Elite Eight.”

He was not hit by any players resulting in the collapse and then he was taken off on a stretcher. Smith was breathing and smiling once he got up.