Ex-UFC Star Turned Bare Knuckle Fighter Paige VanZant Gives Sneak Peek Into Some Of Her ‘Exclusive Content’ (VIDEO + PICS)

Paige VanZant never liked how much money she was making in the UFC, so after her final fight, she took her talents to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

She lost her first fight, but she certainly did not let it get her down and out. She simply opened up a fan site where people can pay a monthly subscription to see more intimate photos and videos of her.

The former UFC star shared a Tik Tok video to Instagram Tuesday boasting about making money with “exclusive content.”

In the clip, the MMA star changes into several different outfits including a pink bikini, black bikini, short jean shorts, and black underwear.

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Here’s an even better clip:

That should certainly get her even more followers. On the other hand, there are a ton of people in the comments who have stated that the exclusive content is nothing but bikini pictures and non-nude.