George Kittle Nearly Gave John Lynch A Heart Attack With His April Fools Joke (TWEET)

April Fools day is the one day where sports fans should probably just stay away from the internet.

San Francisco 49ers superstar tight end George Kittle decided to make his fan base go nuts after he posted a picture of himself photoshopped into a Jacksonville Jaguars uniform.

If this situation were real, it would be awesome for the Jags as they could pair Kittle with incoming QB Trevor Lawrence. For the 49ers, this would disastrous.

Nobody knows that more than John Lynch, who took to Twitter and reacted in horror to Kittle’s picture.

“Just came out of Draft Meetings for the day. Not funny”

Even the Jags responded:

The 49ers showed how much they want him to stay around by signing the tight end to a five-year, $75 million contract extension last August.

Kittle appeared in eight games last season, catching 48 passes for 634 yards with two touchdowns.