MMA Fighter Khetag Pliev Loses His Finger Mid-Fight At CFFC 94 (VIDEO)

The fact that this happened on April Fools day, yet this is far from being a joke. At CFFC 94, Canadian prospect Khetag Pliev literally lost his finger.

Taking on Devin Goodale in a 175-pound catchweight contest — the fight would come to a stop between rounds because Pliev would end up having his left ring finger detached from his body.

“They just made a PA announcement at #CFFC94 that they are trying to locate a fighter’s missing finger,” TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter tweeted. “It evidently fell off into his glove during the bout and is missing somewhere in the venue.

“Toronto’s Khetag Pliev went to the corner between rounds and noticed that his finger was missing. Colour commentator @CMPunk: “It wasn’t a compound fracture, a break, it wasn’t a dislocation, a break, a laceration. His finger was just gone. It’s gone.”

A replay appeared to show that Goodale was pulling on the now missing finger when hand fighting with Pliev who was in top position.

“I can’t remember anything, I don’t know,” Goodale noted in his post-fight interview. “I got hit by something big, I don’t remember what happened. I’m just being honest (laughs). I don’t remember what happened. I’ll have to watch the tape myself, I don’t remember anything.”

According to CFFC President Rob Haydak, the rest of Pliev’s finger was lodged into his glove. He has since been transported to the hospital to have it reattached.

ESPN’s Marc Raimondi has confirmed that Pliev’s finger has been successfully reattached.