Aaron Rodgers Reveals How He Kept Engagement to Shailene Woodley a Secret

The relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley happened so quickly that a lot of people had no clue that him and Danica Patrick had broken up and he moved on so fast.

The Green Bay Packers QB shocked everybody when he suddenly announced his engagement to the actress, mainly because nobody had even seen them together in public. That was actually done by design.

Rodgers recently spoke to Gary Levin of USA Today and was asked how he was able to keep the engagement under wraps.

“Well, COVID was a big help with that, because it just wasn’t the same amount of travel,” Rodgers said. “Wearing a mask all the time gives you just a little bit more anonymity. But we spent a lot of time together during the season, and then she was off doing a movie really shortly after we got engaged.”

The three-time NFL MVP will be on Jeopardy! for two weeks and taped his episodes in mid-February.

Rodgers was asked if Woodley is a Jeopardy! fan. “She will be, for the next two weeks,” Rodgers said. And when asked if the couple has set a wedding date,” Rodgers replied, “No. No, we haven’t.”

When asked about hosting the popular game show, Rodgers said it was challenging.

“I do appreciate the practice games that we went through with some of the writers and researchers,” he said. “But once the game started, there were definitely some nerves standing in the side stage and hearing my introduction and knowing I was going to walk from behind the board and have to take control of this game for the entire day. It was pretty special; nerve-wracking, but it was like an (NFL) game, almost, where you’re just kind of waiting for those introductions to run out of the tunnel.”