Victim Released Statement On Deshaun Watson & His Weird Sexual Actions During Session (VIDEO)

A second plaintiff suing Deshaun Watson has released her name and provided a statement that is a letter to Deshaun Watson.

Deshaun Watson accuser, Lauren Baxley, said in the letter he insisted on a nude massage despite her desire for him to remain draped.” He directed her to touch areas she didn’t want to touch.

“Every boundary, from professional and therapeutic to sexual and degrading, you crossed or attempted to cross,” Brandfield-Harvey read from Baxley’s statement regarding a June 2 session. “I did not want to touch you but my terror kept me in autopilot.”

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee blew the doors down on the 22 cases against Deshaun Watson by introducing the first victim in the case.

Among the things spoken about, Buzbee said his law firm actually turned down at least five women who had issues with Watson.

“We turned away approximately 5 women who we did not believe we could sustain a case for.”

Buzbee continued: “Watson arranges the appointment on social media, particularly on Instagram. He repeatedly insists the woman be alone … in some cases, details what he wants the woman to wear.”

As far as the demographic of the women accusing Watson:

  • 15 women are African American.
  • 4 are White.
  • 3 are Hispanic.

Buzbee added that Watson borrowed a massage table from the Houston Texans. “Some of these instances, we know it was personnel from the Houston Texans who helped him arrange the massage.”

Ashley Solis was introduced as the first woman who filed against Watson. She tearfully told her story of what happened with the Texans QB and what he has taken from her since their encounter.

She said that Watson assaulted and harassed her on March 30, 2020 “in my own home, doing what I love most, massage therapy.”

“I hope my story gives them courage to speak out. It has taken me a long time to speak my truth. I was afraid. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m here to take back the power and take back control. I’m a survivor of assault and harassment.”

“It has taken me a long time to get to this point … I’m here to take back the power, take back control. … Deshaun Watson assaulted and harassed me … in my own home.”

“I’ve replayed the incident over and over in my head as if I’m trying to wake up from a nightmare. Only that nightmare is real.”

Solis, in tears: “I got into massage therapy to help people. To heal their mind and bodies. To bring peace to their souls. He took that away from me.”

‘This incident has impacted me in many ways, range of emotions, guilt, embarrassment’ Characterizes situation as a ‘nightmare’

‘People saying I’m doing this for money, that is false.’ Added: ‘We were all deceived into thinking that Deshaun Watson was a good guy. We al know that good guys can do terrible things. He needs to be accountable’

‘I come forward now in hopes Deshaun Watson does not hurt another woman’

Rose Luna, the CEO of the Texas Association against Sexual Assault, also spoke out as well during the press conference.

The lawsuits span across 2020 and 2021, mostly in Texas but some in Georgia, Arizona and California.