Lamar Odom Reveals How He Broke Up A Fight Between Kobe Bryant & Hip Hop Legend Master P (VIDEO)

Lamar Odom has been in a sharing mood as he shares stories from his upbringing, to his early basketball career in the NBA, to how everything eventually fell apart for him.

During a recent interview with VladTV, the former NBA star was asked about him having to stop a fight between Kobe Bryant and rappper Master P.

“You gotta understand, these are two alpha males and their own, in with what they do,” Odom continued. “Awkward. You feel me? So, I’m from the street so I can peep it. So, I’m tryin’ to just dead it, but it was awkward.” Vlad wanted to know if Odom had to step in between the two stars.

…It wasn’t like getting in the middle to stop them. But I just checked both of their temperatures, making sure everything is cool… The energy was just off between them two.”

Odom seemed apprehensive with giving up too many details about what really went down, since Bryant is no longer here to speak about the situation.

Clearly something must’ve happened, because back in 2015, Master P came out and said he felt Kobe Bryant and the Kardashian family were being “phony” and “fake” in their support for Lamar Odom after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel in that same year.

Bryant posted to Twitter the below message with the hashtag #justpray.

Here’s what P had to say: