Ben Simmons’ Brother Fires Back At Allegations That He Molested His Sister At The Age of 3 (PICS)

Earlier this week, the sister of Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons took to Twitter and told her truth about a brother who took advantage of her at a young age.

“At the end of the day I was molested by my half brother for years from age 3. I’ve been asking for therapy but my family would rather sweep it under the rug because it could damage my brothers brand. I’m over hiding.”

“I’ve been suffering from PTSD for my whole life. I’ve never understood love or consent. When I told my mum around age 5 she said don’t be silly that’s your brother.

We share different DNA because he is in fact the mentally ill person.”

“I will get through this but that gene that lord in him will forever remain.

My flashbacks started in 2016 and of late got stronger. I have a great support system but Im tired of not being 100 about it while he steals from my dad and brother.”

“These are not accusations. This is my truth.

This is me being tired of the bullshit surrounding my family. I’m a survivor and not afraid to speak out I know what comes with that but the bloodline he comes from isn’t the same as mine.”

On Thursday, Sean Tribe, her half brother, took to Instagram and fired back at Liv Alice over her allegations that he was the one who molested her.

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“And this does what?

You support a girl with severe mental illness which is pushed by manic and irrational behavior whom refuses help because she doesn’t actually believe behind closed doors that’s she’s ill and needs help, who has recently lost her children because of a court order and has been financially supported for years while she has experimented with drugs.

I say that you are a fucking idiot and don’t even deserve me writing this message to you.

I hope you lose sleep tonight over how much of unintelligent idiot you are to believe someone without even acknowledging that the person she is attacking is her brother who loves her and himself has a young daughter.”