Draymond Green Responds Back To Megan Rapinoe Saying He ‘Showed His Whole Ass’ With Equal Pay Comments (VIDEO)

To say that Megan Rapinoe disagrees with Draymond Green’s recent take on how women are not taking enough action to bridge the wage gap in professional sports would be an understatement.

Green sent out a series of tweets on March 27th that upset a bunch of female athletes, then he decided to double-down when he added he’s tired of seeing women complaining and not doing anything to help their cause.

On Wednesday, United State’s Women’s Soccer Team star Megan Rapinoe respondly strongly to Green:

“It’s really unfortunate, in the position [Green’s] in, having all of the resources that he has and the ability to have a much more educated opinion, that he just hasn’t,” said Rapinoe, who has been at the forefront of the USWNT’s quest for equal pay. “And then, drag all these other people into it by tagging them and speaking at a time when the [NCAA] tournament is going on and all that we saw with the lack of resources and funding.

“That’s frustrating that’s the take you have. You obviously showed your whole ass in not even understanding what we all talk about all the time — WNBA players and us on the national team. Like what Sue [Bird] said, you tagged the wrong people. You don’t think we asked for more money? I mean, what are we screaming about? Nonstop!

“We are getting obnoxious to ourselves, to be honest. And then two or three days later, to completely double down on it is really frustrating. We know all this, about all social movements and all people who are marginalized, whether it’s by race or gender, religion, sexuality, whatever it is, it is not just their job to be the ones fighting oppression. We need all of the other people as well. So to have someone who does know what it is like to be oppressed, in many ways, to heap that all back on female players, or people who play female sports, it is just really disappointing.”

The Golden State Warriors forward has now attempted to clarify his comments after Megan Rapinoe responded to his initial remarks. He told reporters his comments have been “extremely misconstrued” and that he and Rapinoe essentially want the same thing.

“I think it’s unfortunate that she thinks it’s unfortunate that that’s my view. At the end of the day, what Megan wants and what I want is the same thing. And if she believes that doing something a certain way gets her to the end goal, I’m all for that. And if I believe doing something a certain way gets to the end goal, I’m all for that,” he said, via Yahoo Sports.

“We all don’t have to take that path, so if her path that she’s going to take is different to get to the result or the path that I want to help take is different to get to the result, as long as we’re both working towards the same result, I have no issue with that.”