Bryce Harper Yells Back At Fan Who Said He’d Never Be Better Than Ronald Acuna Jr. (VIDEO)

You know fans are back in the stands when the heckling returns and the players are actually responding back to them.

During a matchup between the Atlanta and Philadelphia on Friday night, one Braves fan decided to call out Phillies star right fielder Bryce Harper.

“Bryce, you’ll never be as good as Acuna,” the fan yelled from afar. “As hard as you try, you’ll never be as good as him. You’ll never be as good as Acuna.”

Harper could be seen turning around and telling the fan to pronounce Acuna’s name correctly if he’s going to heckle him.

“It’s ‘ah-CUHN-ya” while talking back to the misinformed fan.

Braves won the game 8-1.