Tiger Woods Crash Report Says Cops Found Empty Pill Bottle, Golfer Was ‘Combative’ & Thought He Was In Florida

According to a newly-released police report, not only was an empty, unlabeled pill bottle found near Tiger Woods’ wrecked SUV — the pro-golfer was “somewhat combative” when first responders tried to treat him at the scene of his high-speed crash.

Police described the item as an “empty plastic pharmaceutical container” in the front pocket of a backpack in the brush near the wrecked vehicle, according to the New York Post. Authorities have said there was no sign of impairment when first responders arrived on the scene.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Smith interviewed Woods after the crash and his report revealed that Woods actually thought he was in Florida, even though the crash happened in California.

“I then asked (Woods) if he is able to tell me about what happened regarding the traffic collision,” the deputy wrote. “(Woods) told me he did not remember being involved in a traffic collision. (Woods) thought he was currently in the state of Florida.”

According to TMZ Sports, the report read: “Knocked unconscious, laceration to the lower front jaw, bruised right and left rib cage, fractured right tibia and fibula, possible right ankle injury.”

Police also noted open fractures to his leg in the report.

The posted speed limit was 45 mph, but Woods was traveling between 84 and 87 mph when he first made impact and driving at 75 mph when the vehicle hit a tree.

The report found that had Woods “applied his brakes to reduce speed or steered to correct the direction of travel” he would not have smashed into the median or crashed.