Ben Simmons’ Sister Goes Scorched Earth On Half-Brother & Family Denying Her Molestation Claims (TWEETS)

Liv Alice Simmons is determined to get her story out and shame the person who hurt her when she was a child.

Ben Simmons’ half brother and manager Sean Tribe has been accused by Alice of molesting her when she was just 3-years-old. He has since fired back by releasing a family statement on Twitter.

Liv saw his post and completely went scorched Earth on him and has also appeared to have deleted her Twitter account.

“You are a tribe you have never been a Simmons legally so who is this from? I spoke to the lawyer MY dad placed in Bens life who is John Hudson and this didn’t come from him. You molested me Sean and no amount of bullshit statements will change my story.


“You can’t paint me out to be crazy. I have PTSD because you molested me. Yet another black woman being attacked for speaking out about her trauma.

Sean Tribe you know what you did and money cannot save you.

Medical records do not lie, neither does my flashbacks or behaviour.”

“I just got off the phone with my father and asked why he would make such a statement he said ‘what statement’.

That’s the problem my dad isn’t his dad but he sure does like to use OUR last name for false statements.

You molested me SEAN TRIBE. Acceptance is step one”

“When i came out about my ex last year my family called me a liar, said i was never abused, called them lies.

Then surprise surprise multiple other women came forward and my ex is no longer employed by the NBA……. Being gaslit isn’t new to me… especially not by ‘family’….”

“I am many things but a liar is not one of them. I’m never going to stop speaking because what happened to me changed me, the way i think and how safe I feel around certain people.

I’m dealing with someone who literally used MY last name for a bullshit statement.

I was molested and these are facts.

My mum knew this is a fact.

I’ve suffered from PTSD and flashbacks fact.

Ask anyone I’ve dated as they have seen first hand.

I’m in a strong enough place now to share this and i’m not sorry for that.”

“I have to make something abundantly clear. My father is by my side through this.

This was written by Sean Tribe who is NOT a Simmons nor is it signed by a Simmons.

So lets start and end there.

His fathers name is Philip Tribe. My fathers name is David Simmons.

Ben Simmons has not spoken up about the situation and you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for that to happen.

For the season, Simmons is averaging a career low in points (15.0) and assists (7.2).