Mark Schlereth Trolled The Hell Out of New York Jets Fans With Fake ‘Apology’ Video

Mark Schlereth just got the troll of the year award.

The New York Jets are trying yet again to find their franchise QB in the first round of the Draft and hopefully change the franchise around. Mark Schlereth is among those who are extremely skeptical of the approach.

During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Friday, the former Pro Bowler threw shots at the fan base and organization for their continued hope in thinking a rookie QB will rescue them.

“We act as though every guy who plays quarterback is going to come and fix our franchise,” Schlereth said. “If it didn’t work with Sam Darnold, why do you think you can put another quarterback into that same situation and have it work this time?”

After getting ripped online for his comments, Schlereth decided to rub it in more by posting a fake apology video while rocking old game-worn Denver Broncos helmet and showing off his three Super Bowl rings.

One of those Super Bowl wins came against the New York Jets. He made sure to put that one on his middle finger.