REPORT: “Real Possibility” Chiefs Brought Into Civil Lawsuit Over Britt Reid’s Crash & What He Told Police

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Chiefs may be shelling out a ton of cash, according to the latest reports involving a former employee.

Britt Reid, the son of Kansas City head coach Andy Reid, has been charged with driving while intoxicated, a class D felony. He faces a potential jail sentence of one to seven years. This all stems from an investigation into a serious car crash back in February.

The crash resulted in a severe brain injury for a five-year-old girl, Ariel Young, who was a passenger in a different vehicle. Young was left in a coma for several weeks and is still recovering. Britt Reid told authorities he had consumed a few drinks and used Adderall.

He also had a statement that now implicates his former employer.

“Britt Reid admitted to police that “he had left work” prior to the car crash. There is now a real possibility that his employer, the Kansas City Chiefs, will get brought into a civil lawsuit by the victim, a 5-year old girl.”

“Here’s the police report.”

It reads as:

On 02/04/2021 at 2110 hours, Kansas City, Missouri Police Officers responded to 1-435 and Stadium Drive in, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, on a reported injury crash. Upon arrival it was determined a white, 2020 Dodge Ram pickup bearing Missouri dealer license, D385, had been involved in a crash with two stationary vehicles; a gray, 2009 Chevy Impala bearing Missouri license, LDOZ9G and a silver, 2009 Chevy Traverse bearing Missouri license 04VN4V.

A juvenile passenger of the Chevy Traverse, AY (5 years of age) sustained life threatening injuries in the crash. Members of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department Accident Investigation Section took control of the scene and conducted an investigation. Investigators determined the Dodge Ram being operated by Britt E. Reid (w/m 04/28/1985) was traveling southbound on 1-435 south of Stadium Drive in the #4 lane of travel.

ACM data obtained under the authority of a search warrant indicated the Dodge’s speed was 82.6 MPH in a posted 65 MPH zone 5 seconds before the crash. Approximately 680 feet south of the gore point from the Raytown Road entrance ramp onto southbound 1-435, the Chevy Impala had stalled and was stationary facing southbound. At this point the shoulder measured approximately 4.97 feet. The Impala was 1.08 feet from the guardrail leaving 2.2 feet of the vehicle in the #4 lane of travel. Approximately 231 feet south of the stalled Impala, the Chevy Traverse was stopped 2.85 feet from the guardrail leaving the vehicle partially in the #4 lane of travel.

The night of the crash, initial responding officer made contact with Reid who stated he had left work and was entering southbound 1-435 from Raytown Road driving the white, 2020 Dodge Ram. As he was approaching the point where he needed to merge onto the highway, he was looking over his left shoulder to evaluate traffic so he could merge. He struck the Chevy Impala which he did not see as there were no lights on the vehicle. Reid stated he continued southbound where he rear ended the Chevy Traverse.

Officer J. White of the DUI Unit made contact with Reid at the scene of the crash. Officer White detected an odor of intoxicants and noted his eyes were bloodshot and red. The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test was administered and 4 of 6 clues were observed. A search warrant was sought and granted by Jackson County Circuit Court.

The warrant was executed 3 hours post-crash and indicated a blood alcohol concentration of .072 and a blood alcohol concentration of .062, 3.5 hours post-crash. Medical records for Reid were obtained under the authority of a court subpoena and revealed a serum blood alcohol concentration of .113 at 2307 hours on 02/04/2021. Reid suffered a blunt force trauma injury to his groin requiring emergency surgery.

According to the Jackson County (Mo.) Prosecutor’s Office, via NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, the lack of other charges is related to Missouri state laws, not Reid receiving “favorable treatment.”