Stephen A. Smith Suggests Kyrie Irving Give Nets Some Money Back In Wake of N-Word Controversy & Taking Games Off (VIDEO)

Kyrie Irving is expected to miss yet another game for the Brooklyn Nets for “personal reasons.”

It came after a scuffle with Lakers guard Dennis Schroder on Saturday that had the Nets star upset over being called the n-word. The scuffle ultimately led to double ejections for both Irving and Schroder.

Irving was set to miss the Nets’ game versus the Timberwolves for “personal reasons,” but that game has since been postponed due to a policeinvolved shooting in the Minnesota area.

Stephen A. Smith called Irving out on Monday for missing yet another game this season.

He also suggested that he give money back on First Take.

“You didn’t want people to play in the bubble because you wanted folks to focus on other issues, and it turns out you’ve got your own issues, whatever they may be. … We all hope that everything and everybody is OK, but I don’t recall Kyrie at any point saying, ‘Here’s your money back. You don’t have to pay me,’” Smith said.

“You’re missing games at your discretion. How many personal days do you need? You don’t play every day. You’ve got 72 games this year instead of 82. You only played 20 of the 72 games last year. What the h-ll is going on where you’re just missing games?”