Tyler Herro’s Girlfriend Katya Elise Henry Wants To Know What The CDC Can Do For Her “Fat” Booty (PIC)

Katya Elise Henry has been talked about a lot online lately. The conversation has steered from her possibly being pregnant by Miami Heat star Tyler Herro, and more on her saying she will not be taking the COVID-19 vaccine as she is doubtful about its safety.

“No vaccine for HIV after 40 years of research. No vaccine for the common cold. No vaccine for cancer after 100 years of research. Nothing. A virus mysteriously appears and within a year, a vaccine is created and we are all expected to take it. No thanks.”

This of course, did not sit well with the general public who seem to be much more educated than Katya on this subject.

After being blasted, Katya took to Instagram on Monday and basically took a hialrious shot at the CDC.

“what does the CDC recommend I do with this fat ass?”

As expected, people in the comments loved what she said and posted:

“Just a reminder that Tyler Herro hits this every day…”

“Tyler. Get your girl under control bro”

“Tyler my boy so imma say nothing. respectfully.”

“You got cake, but ya candles ain’t lit”

“CDC says backshots and back rubs”

“This caption gives me lifeeeee”