Shannon Sharpe Explained Why He Had To Block Kevin Durant Over Him Using Fake Quote About LeBron (TWEETS)

During Monday’s edition of “Undisputed,” FS1 analyst Shannon Sharpe discussed comments made by Nets star Kevin Durant about his GOAT status since he beat LeBron in the NBA Finals.

“Kevin Durant thought by winning the titles everybody was gonna regard him as universally the best player in the NBA, better than even LeBron James,” Sharpe said. “But very few people were willing to go there. And then he’s like, because he said it, ‘If LeBron James is the GOAT, I beat the GOAT twice, and hit the shots in his building. What does that make me?'”

It was an eye-popping quote, except….Durant never said it. Sharpe was referencing a fake quote that has been floating around social media for sometime. That same quote also fooled ESPN’s Jay Williams last year as well.

Durant tweeted out his frustration, calling Sharpe a “drunk uncle.”

Sharpe finally addressed Durant directly, telling the two-time NBA Finals MVP that he would be open to having a private conversation, but Durant wasn’t having it.

It led to Durant getting blocked.

Sometime passed when Sharpe explained why he had to block Durant:

“I’m not gangsta, but I’m not going bck and forth with KD and lose my job either. I’ve had disagreement with other athletes, ppl b4 , we handled it like adults and moved on… “ADULTS”