Yu Chang Exposes Racist Fans For Their Hateful Anti-Asian Messages After He Made Error In Indians’ Loss (PIC)

(Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

Yu Chang shared that he received racist messages on Twitter after his errant throw in Cleveland’s loss Monday to the White Sox.

The Cleveland Indians infielder tweeted early Tuesday morning: “Exercise your freedom of speech in a right way, I accept all comments, positive or negative but DEFINITELY NOT RACIST ONES. Thank you all and love you all. #StopAsianHate.”

Chang’s tweet included a screenshot of anti-Asian racist messages that said:

“Maybe fix those slanty eyes and you can throw the ball straight jerk off.”

“Nice fucking throw u Asian fucking retard.”

“You fuckin sars corona virus mother fucker.”

The Indians lost 4-3 on Monday night.

Chang, who was playing first base, fielded Nick Williams’ one-out grounder and tried to get Grandal at second rather than step on first base for the second out. His errant throw actually hit Grandal in the helmet and the ball took off toward the left side of the infield as Madrigal raced home.

Unfortunately, fans like this exist in every sport and in every fan base. They only cheer for you if you’re on their team, but show their true colors when things go wrong.