Jackson Mahomes: Tik Tok Superstar And Brother Of Patrick Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes Patrick Brother
(Photo via @jacksonmahomes IG)

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the biggest names in all of sports, but his not so little brother, Jackson Mahomes, may one day have an even bigger following than he does!

Jackson is a 20 year old social media influencer who has developed quite a following over the years, in part thanks to the notoriety of his family name. He has more than 950,000 followers on TikTok, accumulated over 31 million likes and has over 247,000 Instagram followers.

Now, I am not exactly a social media expert or anything like that, but at a glance, those are pretty solid numbers for a college kid. Especially one who—let’s be honest—will never really need to work a day in his life if he doesn’t want to!

Jackson Mahomes Back in the Day

Before Jackson Mahomes was dancing up a storm on cellphone screens all around the world he was just a normal kid. Well, as normal as any son of a Major Leaguer could be…

Jackson Mahomes Xmas Dog
Jackson and his dog on Christmas (Photo via @jacksonmahomes IG)

Jackson was born on May 15, 2000—making him just about five years younger than his brother Patrick. Like most younger brothers, Jackson followed in his big bros’ footsteps early on. He played all sorts of sports growing up—and his best was basketball. In fact, he apparently had the option to continue playing at the collegiate level, but he forewent that opportunity to pursue his burgeoning social media business.

Knowing that, I have to assume that perhaps he wasn’t quite at the level in his sport that Patrick was in football and baseball, but there is actually some footage of Jackson hooping floating around the internet.

So, I don’t know. Based on this footage from his days at Whitehouse High School, it looks like he was quite the basketball player. But you be the judge!

Jackson, Patrick, and the rest of the Mahomes Clan

You likely know Patrick Mahomes, his brother Jackson, as well as their father Pat Mahomes — who played Major League Baseball back in the day. But there is a lot more to the Mahomes family. Well, technically the Mahomes family… Because their mother, Randi, divorced from Pat Sr. in 2006.

Divorce is sad, but it is reported that the one between Pat and Randi was ‘amicable’ and they still consider each other close friends. They even attend games together to watching Patrick play! Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

People believe that Randi had a big influence on her sons growing up. Especially when it came to reminding them to develop into ‘complete people,’ who focus on the academic side of things—and remain humble.

JM at Royals Game
Jackson Mahomes at the Royals game (Photo via @jacksonmahomes IG)

This was particularly important for Patrick, who had to decide whether to pursue a MLB career straight out of high school—or to take a college football scholarship. Apparently, Randi did not believe in determining the decision for her son, but she reminded him the opportunity that a college education was for him—and well, I don’t think he regrets taking that path for a second!

Jackson Mahomes has three other siblings, who have not yet been entirely thrust into the limelight in the same way that he and Patrick have. They are named Graham, Avery, and Zoey.

Some Good Old Fashioned Brotherly Love

Jackson’s appearances at Patrick’s football games have been big for his career in social media, but don’t make the mistake of only thinking he is there for the clout. Although they are five years apart, the two are very close—and Jackson’s first concern is always being there to support his big bro.

Like many brothers, it took them some time to mature and turn a blood relationship into a friendship. Randi told The East Texas Sports Network that the two fought viciously when they were kids. Again, not unheard of for brothers, but it is a bit more destructive when they have the future professional athlete is actually the smaller of the two!

Mahomes family
Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes and brother Jackson out on the town (Photo via @jacksonmahomes IG)

Apparently, it got so bad that Randi even had to replace the household oven because they shattered it! I don’t know about you, but that would not have flown in my childhood home.

Luckily, they straightened everything out between them—and Jackson and his brother are practically best friends now. They have even starred in a State Farm commercial together.

You know what they say: Brothers who sell out together, stay together!

Social Media is the Sport for Jackson Mahomes

While Patrick tears up the gridiron on Sundays, Jackson Mahomes has a whole different arena in which he performs for countless fans. The cold, hard streets of the internet! Despite only posting his first photo to Instagram in 2016, Jackson has quickly turned into a bonafide star.

patrick mahomes brother jackson super bowl
Patrick Mahomes and brother Jackson pose after Super Bowl LIV.

We touched on his follower totals before and if that doesn’t impress you, maybe the dollars and cents will. It is believed that Jackson Mahomes has accumulated a net worth upwards of $10 million on social media.

YouTube and TikTok are by far his two biggest earners. Like I said, he has more than 950,000 fans on his verified TikTok Channel—which is no small feat. Of course, it helps when you can dance on the field after your brother throws for some absurd stat line like 500 yards and 6 touchdowns in an NFL game. But if you can’t capitalize on your big brother’s fame—whose can you?!

Jackson is not here for the Negativity

As anyone who spends even a lick of time on the internet knows, it is not always the friendliest place… Unfortunately, if you scroll through Jackson’s TikTok videos — or his pictures on Instagram — there are a number of hateful comments.

Jackson Mahomes selfie
You may recognize Jackson from Tik Tok or one of his Instagram Stories (Photo via @jacksonmahomes IG)

That is the dark side of social media fame. There will always be trolls and haters looking to break you down!

You would think that Jackson would be laughing at the haters all the way to the bank. However, he says that it gets to him a lot, which I guess is understandable. After all, he is just a 20-year-old kid. He doesn’t realize how much more successful he is than most of the trolls!

He put out an emotional video that made him a sympathetic figure in the eyes of many. In the video, he explained how much of a drag the hateful comments are on his happiness.

Hopefully going forward people will learn to leave well enough alone and just let Jackson be Jackson!