Shannon Sharpe Rants About His Biggest “Problem” With Tom Brady (VIDEO)

Shannon Sharpe doesn’t like a few things about Shannon Sharpe and decided to speak up about it this week.

The future hall of fame QB shut a bunch of people up last season as he showed he did not need Bill Belichick and promptly led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory at the age of 43.

The former seventh round pick has credited much of his success to the those that have doubted him over the years.

It’s that particular attitude that rubs Shannon Sharpe the wrong way, which is why the FOX Sports 1 host spoke about about why he can’t stand Brady’s constant references to his “doubters.”

“The problem that I have with Tom Brady is that he tries to make every experience that he has unique to Tom: ‘I’m the only guy that’s ever been doubted.’ What professional athlete, regardless of the sport, do you think hasn’t been doubted,” Sharpe said Wednesday on “Undisputed.”

“Tom thinks that he’s the only one that’s been doubted. So he wants to copyright ‘doubt.’ Just like he wanted to be ‘Tom Terrific.’ He had forgotten that there was somebody 20 years before he was born who was named ‘Tom Terrific.’ He wants to make everything unique to him.

“But let me tell you something else, Tom Brady, there are a lot of people that eat avocados and eat avocado ice cream, too, and every place you go to is asking, ‘Would you like avocado toast?’ … Every professional athlete has been doubted. Name a professional athlete that has not been doubted. Find me one. Find one that has never been doubted.”

That is the type of rant that Brady will likely use for the upcoming 2021 season.