Aaron Rodgers Keeps Sticky Notes Near Him To Remind Himself Not To ‘Pick Your Nose/Butt’ While Hosting Jeopardy (PICS)

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

For Aaron Rodgers, hosting “Jeopardy!” can be a sticky situation.

The current starting QB of the Green Bay Packers actually has sticky notes remnding him not to stick his fingers where the sun doesn’t shine.

“Don’t pick your nose/butt,” reads a yellow adhesive memo affixed to the top of the legendary “Jeopardy!” podium.

“I used a lot of these stickies over the couple days of filming …” the Green Bay Packers quarterback confessed Wednesday in an Instagram caption beneath a snap of the tips that decorate his lectern.

“…And [I] put reminders on there like ‘Speak Less,’ which was an ode to Paul Rudd on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, during surf lessons; ‘do less.’ ‘Slow Down,’ a reminder for me when reading the clues,” the award-winning MVP added.

His other sticky notes include: “Relax,” “Energy” and “Stand Up Straight.”

As for the butt/nose-picking, Rodgers wrote, “The last one, was just to check if anyone was looking at my podium between games. Turns out, John the stage manager was, and we had a good laugh about it.”