Assault Victim Admits Throwing Bottle of Alcohol At Aaron Donald During Brutal Altercation At ‘Boom Boom Room’

A lawyer and his 26-year-old client told Pittsburgh police Wednesday that Aaron Donald and his entourage assaulted the man at a nightclub last weekend.

Attorney Todd J. Hollis said his client, De’Vincent Spriggs, required 16 stitches and suffered a broken orbital bone in his head, a broken nose and a sprained or broken arm as a result of the attack.

“We believe there was a misunderstanding that Mr. Spriggs bumped into Mr. Donald and Mr. Donald escalated the matter, leading to my client’s assault moments later,” Hollis said.

New information has just come out that says Pittsburgh Police officers went to Mercy Hospital Sunday where DeVincent Spriggs wanted to report an assault.

Spriggs admits to throwing a bottle of alcohol.

“He says that male and another ended up punching and kicking him,” police wrote. “The complainant admits to throwing a bottle of alcohol, but didn’t know if he had hit anyone.”

Detectives took a report from Spriggs and his attorney who told reporters his client was assaulted by Aaron Donald at an after-hours club called the Boom Boom Room on East Carson Street.

“They did a preliminary investigation and they’re going to look into the matter and get back to us as soon as they have more information,” Hollis said.

“It was definitely unprovoked,” Hollis told KDKA. “I’ve instructed him not to make any comments, but, as you can see from his arm in a sling, his eye is closed, 16 stitches in his eye and a concussion and other severe injuries he’s suffered, this is a severe incident.”

“We are aware of the reports regarding Aaron Donald,” the team said. “We are collecting more information and will have no further comment at this time.”

29-year-old Donald was named the Associated Press NFL defensive player of the year in February, the third time he has received the distinction. He played college football at the University of Pittsburgh.